Meet The Nigerian Girl Who Sold Noodles And Egg To Pay Her Way Through The University



Adebayo Oluwatoyin is the young lady above who shared her amazing story of how she sold noodles and eggs during holidays so she could have enough money to see herself through university, pay her rent and also see her sister through school.


She wrote:

Felt like yesterday when all I always looked forward to was the long sessional holiday… This is just so I could come home and make money for the next session. I had to find ways to make money because there was little my mum could do to meet all the expenses for me and my sister… Some people laughed at me, some encouraged me while some invested their change in my business.. I sold noodles and egg, and from the little I made I made sure I saved something every day. At the end of the three months break, I had enough money to pay my sister and my school fees, my house rent and enough money to last me a whole semester. By the grace of God I have completed my degree with a Second Class Upper in Accounting from UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN and right now my sister is waiting for her admission into the same university too. Looking back now, it’s my success story because with that kind of hustle, nobody had to run helter skelter to look for money to cater for those expenses.
Just right there, mama’s smile revealed her pride in me… @unionbankng


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