Lobatan!!! Bridesmaid Died After Taking Too Much Alcohol And Choking On Her Own Vomit [Video]



Newspapers in China are reporting that the bridesmaid died after taking too much alcohol and choking on her own vomit.

In the short clip [watch below], it is evident that the bridesmaid is already quite drunk, but encouraged by the groomsmen, she continues to drink ‘baijiu’, a strong Chinese alcoholic beverage made from grain.

Shortly afterwards, she goes unconscious and the men, unsuspecting of what would later happen, laugh as they take her out in a bellman’s cart.
A paramedic tried to make her regain consciousness but the attempt failed.

Chinese newsprint, The China Daily, reports that the family of the bridesmaid and the newlyweds are negotiating the liability and related compensation issues.

After that incident, the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, People’s Daily, also spoke against the occurrence, calling it “bridesmaid bullying.”

This excessive drinking is seen as something of a wedding tradition in China, in which bridesmaids, ‘on behalf of the bride’, have to literally get drunk and embarrass themselves to the entertainment of the groomsmen.

It is even a culture to hire bridesmaids, and some wedding plans include the rental of professionals, as brides usually wish to have the best on their wedding day.

Watch short video clip below….


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