Jimmy Jatt Reacts Over Disrespect Dj’s Get From Entertainers



Jimmy Jatt has claimed that it is high time people stop seeing Dj’s as second class citizens, at shows.

The veteran claims DJ’s are spice to parties, and should be regarded as such, instead of treating them as if they are less important.

“To an extent, I think more still need to be done, a lot of event, people still think the DJ’s are just pillars or back up, definitely, they would know better soon, although, it’s better than what it used to be, but its been a long time coming,” Jimmy Jatt said

He went on further to say that people should expect more DJ shows, as their ready to take Nigerians by surprise.

“We are getting warmed up, so the anticipation is in the direction of the DJ’s right now, believe me when I say that, people be on the look out for the DJ’s events right now and you know one cant get tired of music.”


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