Here Are The “8 Over-Rated Nigerian Artistes” – Do You Agree?



The word “Overrated” is defined as “having a higher opinion of someone or something than is deserved.”

After studying the Nigerian music scene, Cliqloaded brings you this list of 8 Over-Rated Nigerian Artistes.

These artistes, (some old, some new) are often given so much credit, but a closer look at their works will reveal to you that hype outshines talent and acclaim is founded mostly on media exposure and sentiments.

There’s no denying that the following artistes are popular and successful but do they really have the X factor? And even if they do, is it being applied?

After making my observations and opinions (sometimes scathing) known, I’ll leave you to decide and probably correct me, if you have a different opinion about these music stars.

8. Darey


Dare Art Alade – popularly known as Darey – is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, and Idol series judge. He is the son of the renowned Nigerian entertainer, Art Alade.

I had high hopes for Darey, really high hope, and my hopes were dashed.

He has an impressive voice but doesn’t seem to take chances. Consistently churning out generic and simple tracks that sound like a cover or rip-off some singer’s classic album. I don’t know if it’s because he did someone’s cover once but I don’t get an originality vibe from Darey. Failed time after time to really deliver.

Timi Dakolo is doing what everyone hoped Darey would do years ago.

7. Seyi Shay


Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua, (born 21 December 1985), professionally known by her stage name Seyi Shay is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, recording artist and performer.

I have never met this songstress, but I get the diva vibe off this one. Her slew of embarrassing interviews also makes one wonder if there is anything upstairs even though she has quite an impressive musical pedigree.

She can dance a little, has decent vocals and some good songs. That’s it! Good, not outstanding enough to be a rave.

6. Mayorkun


Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, (Born 1994) better known by his Stage Name MAYORKUN is a Nigerian recording artist, songwriter. In 2016, he signed a record deal with Davido’s imprint “HKN Gang”.

This guy has been in the music industry for a whole 2 minutes, and his boss davido is already trying to make us think he is the next Michael Jackson. I understand the strategy (i really do), and I enjoy his song “Eleko” but we still haven’t decided yet if he is not just another “one hit wonder.”

Yes, I know about his new song “Yawa,” so let’s just put an asterisk on his name and give him some years, to see if he doesn’t fall into Davido’s shadow.

5. Ice Prince


Panshak Zamani (born 23 October 1986), better known by his stage name Ice Prince, is a Nigerian hip hop recording artist and actor.

Ice Prince cannot rap! In fact, he takes the award for someone really really overrated. His “rap” and flow are painfully repetitive and annoying; sounding like someone reciting nursery rhymes. You hear lines like “dem no dey go front, dem no dey carry last…”

It’s embarrassing just writing that.

He is a testimony of good marketing; chocolate city really did well by him.

4. Victoria Kimani


Victoria Kimani (born 28 July 1985), is an American-born Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress and entertainer. She is currently signed to Chocolate City and is described as the record label’s first lady.

Well, here goes chocolate city trying to market the hell out of a no-talent-having pretty girl. The Ice Prince marketing worked out fine, but it has been said that thunder doesn’t strike in one place twice, and I believe it won’t start now.

Please raise your hand if you know or can remember one song by Victoria Kimani. No hands? Exactly!

I fail to see why she is still relevant. Next!

3. D’banj


Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo (born 9 June 1981), known by his stage name D’banj, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, harmonica player, and entrepreneur.

I never really jumped on the DBanj bandwagon. I believed and still believe he has very little talent and depended heavily on Don Jazzy’s production and marketing skills. He went and signed with Good music and made Nigerians very aware of his mediocrity and that was the beginning of the end.

“Bother you” is the ONLY Dbanj song with lyrical content, I stand to be corrected.

2. Kcee


Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo (born 18 April 1979), better known as Kcee (sometimes stylised as Kcee), is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He was formally in the Hip Hop duo group called Kc Presh. He currently has a record deal with Five Star Music.

Wow! I am just impressed at the determination with which he churns out his no-point songs. Kcee hits sparks sometimes, but you can always differentiate between a Kcee written song and a song written by someone talented behind the scenes.

Limpopo, fine face, ogadinma, pull over, love boat, ogbomma, ok, we get it, you are a feminist, and you love beautiful girls, can you find something else to sing about now? I hope you get my point – Generic! Highly overrated. Highly!

And Number 1 goes to…………………………

Guess Who?

1. Lil Kesh


Keshinro Ololade (born March 14, 1995), popularly known by his stage name Lil Kesh, is a Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter.

First, I can’t really place this Olamide-wannabe; is he a singer, a rapper or both as his Wikipedia page claims?

Although his songs are catchy, he doesn’t have one shred of talent. Not well enough to become as popular as he is, which quickly brings the word “lucky” into this.

If you are a Lil Kesh fan about to come for me in the comment section, please tell me you think “if your nyash nah jollof rice, I rather eat ofada” is lyrical genius?

He isn’t just overrated, he just sucks. I don’t understand Yoruba language that much but from the very little I understand, I know he has a foul mouth and no lyrical content. Always saying something x-rated, senseless and repeating himself. Even Olamide his (former) boss started with some sensible songs.

Please note that am a fan of some of these artistes, and this is not a “hate” list.

Tell us who you think should have been included on this list and air your views if you have a contrary opinion.

Drop your Comments.

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