Good News!!! Young Man Who Went Missing For Days After He Went To The Bank Have Been Found!



Good News!!! Chukwudi Lumanze Pascal Was Abducted But Is Now Back Home

Yesterday there was a post that he went to the Bank and was yet to return home. Read it HERE.

He has found his way back home and told his story…

”Good day Admin ,

Thank you very much for creating the awareness about my missing brother and to all Cliqloadites for their support, calls and prayers..God bless you all..
My brother is now home with us, he boarded a taxi and the passengers drove to an unknown destination beat him up and dispossessed him of his phone, money etc…

He was found wandering about trying to trace his way home,and a good Samaritan assisted him and brought him home last night..

Thank you very much, God bless you and Cliqloadites too.”


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