Don’t Worry, I Have C*ndoms – Lady Shares Miraculous Story How She Escaped From Rap*sts (Photo)


A journalist identified as Hepzibah Olokode has shared her touching story of survival and miraculous escape from alleged rap*st who tried to ruin her life. Her story is a touching one that will motivate and inspire many out there.

She wrote:

“A lady has narrated how she successfully completed her postgraduate program despite encountering some challenges including almost being r*ped by two young guys. The lady who lost important school materials in the incident revealed how she miraculously escaped her attackers and also completed her school work .

“I didn’t feel like pursuing a postgraduate program because my dad died 2 months prior to the admission exams. 16 of us were admitted out of about 200 that wrote the exams and we began lectures. Then I started my dissertation. I spent five months writing, submitting, correcting and re-submitting Chapter One.

“2 weeks to submission and defence, the unexpected happened. Due to fuel scarcity, getting transport out of campus was hard so I had to walk home. On my way, I saw 2 guys. My first thought was to dash past but then I figured they could easily push me into the lake nearby. As I turned to go back, another guy cornered me and before I could blink he ripped off my bag and said, “I just want to have s*x with you, that’s all.

“Nothing more. Just cooperate. Don’t worry, I have c*ndoms. Just allow me. I will give you your bag back.” “Oh God”, I prayed. But this guy was not ready to let me go. He kept tugging at my trousers. We were in the sand, rolling and pulling. I struggled and tried appealing to his senses, at least so he could lose some grip and I could run. Noticing I wasn’t going to give in, he decided to strangle me.

“He shouted, “Shebi, you are stubborn? I will kill you. You will die today.” As he strangled me, I just heard myself shout, “I will not die but live.” He lost his grip and I took off. I ran into a group of students who helped me. Unfortunately, my attacker had disappeared with my bag containing a friend’s laptop, the hardcopy of my dissertation and several valuables. Because I finished printing late, I did not back up my work.

“I informed my department and was given 2 months to rewrite my dissertation and then defend. The near r*pe and death experience took a great toll on me. My mind became a battle field but a few friends and my family encouraged me. I started the dissertation all over and submitted. A new date was scheduled for the defence. My defence was successful and I even snapped selfies with my examiners. Ain’t God too good?.”


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