Curious Mind!!! Why Do The Adekolas Go For Born Again Looking Women? – See These Photos



They are fine guys, most men in their family are handsome so it’s safe to say they took it from their dad.

But one thing many Nigerians can’t stop talking about his their choice of WOMEN! Now note this, these guys love life, they have fun and what have you, but when it comes to their life partners, they chill and take a break and go for a homely girl.

Now take a look at the first photo, that’s the popular actor and his wife. The second photo is that of his younger brother who got married this week. See any similarities?

N.B so many ladies have come out to say they have had one or two things to do with Odunlade Adekola (even though people have said he hardly cheats), but his wife has always stood by him, saying she remains with her man.

Now back to the gist again, is there anything ladies need to learn? Is marriage more than bleaching, makeup and all dem s*xy clothes?

Over to you guys…

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  1. They do cause they understand the power of a praying wife,guys out there are confused, there are strong qualities u look out for in a woman its not all abt beauty,yes a woman needs to look good nd presentable but at the same time it’s more than dat

  2. Odunlade Adekola nd his wife,my message to odunlade is dt he must not misused d opportunities of God upon his life bcos ds take grace of God, okunrin to riAYA rere fe ori oju rere olorun, l my prayer to dm dt God of Apostle Ayobabalola shld protect their marriage in Jesus name Amen.

  3. you people don’t get the reason right, Odunlade knows all those beautiful and sexy girl will get problem in feature, girls the more pretty you are is more damage men cause to your life, as artist Odunlade have many beautiful ladies around him and he know what happen to them after there marriage, that is why he take a wise step of marry one that not too pretty, so that no one will like to do nonsense with her.


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