Chai! What A Lady Did To Her Prospective Boyfriend On A Date After He Treated A Waiter Badly Will Interest You

A young lady has told a really interesting story about a disastrous dinner date with a guy whom she had admired for some time.
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The young woman shared her story on a popular Nigerian blog, where she explained that her boyfriend shocked her with his attitude during a date, a thing which made her storm out of the venue angrily.
Below is how she told the story:
I was recently out on a dinner date with this guy I met in church.
It was our third date. We had met like 3 months earlier when he came to Asaba for a job. He’s based in Lagos. After our first two dates, he had traveled back home. Then came into my town again for another job, called me up and I agreed we should see again.
I’m not even going to lie, I had a crush on him after we met the first few times and had been looking forward to seeing him again. So I was really excited when he asked to see me again.
Those first two dates we had was awesome. He was a fun guy, looked very interested in getting to know me. But I noticed he was a bit self obsessed. He kept on talking about how he was a successful guy, that in this year alone, he has been able to nail like 4 huge contracts, how he has a dream apartment in Lagos, rides the best cars bla, bla, bla. A lot of B.rags, self promotion.
Long story short, while on this our date that pissed me off, this man berated our waiter for taking too long to bring our food which sincerely wasn’t the waiter’s fault. The restaurant was packed full that day (it was during this Sallah holiday). The waiter was very apologetic about the delay, but my date didn’t seem to be very understanding.
When we finally got our food, glad that finally we can eat and talk more, I told the waiter, “Thank you.” Only for this man to reply, “Why are you thanking him? That’s his job. You don’t have to thank him.”
I shock. I was stunned.
Thinking I’ve seen the worst, our waiter had the misfortune of bringing us Coke instead of the orange juice this man ordered. You won’t believe this man I met in church called our waiter an ”idiot” and said if it wasn’t that the coke was bottle, he would have flung it at the waiter.
I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. All that kept flashing in my face was domestic violence, domestic violence.
Right there and then, I nicely got up, thanked him for a wonderful date, collected my handbag and moved. On my way out, I went to the waiter, thanked him and told him sorry for the way he was treated.
Why do most guys think that a girl is easily impressed by their show of power, authority over fellow people less privileged than them?
When I got home and told my girl what happened, she told me I overreacted.  That afterall, my former dates with this guy had gone well. That yes, what he did was very rude but that I was wrong for leaving the way I did.
Please I need to know what my fellow readers think – Honestly, was I wrong for how I reacted?


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