Buhari Should Hand Over To Me If… – Former Governor Blows Hot


In an exclusive interview with DailyTrust newspaper, former Governor of Jigawa state, Sule Lamido, said President Muhammadu Buhari is finding it difficult to tackle the current economic challenges because he is incompetent, adding that the president never prepared to be the nation’s number one citizen.

The influential Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) politician who is being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), said he is more capable than the president.

“President Buhari is simply incompetent on the provision of the welfare of the citizens because he was never ready for the job, and so, he lacks the capacity to source the wherewithal to do it well to the satisfaction of Nigerians.

He maintained that it was too escapist on the part of the president to lean on recession and lament his inability to source for funds to provide such needs.

“If he (Buhari) cannot ensure the provision of basic needs of Nigerians, tell him to hand over to me and see how I will source the wherewithal to do it.

“Imagine a husband who, before marrying his wife, promised her that he would provide all her legal and legitimate needs according to the obligations of matrimony, only to confront the wife shortly after the wedding and tell her that he didn’t know that he would have to provide her ‘this’, and he has now realised that he cannot, and she should please bear with him; and the wife, because of the love she has for him, overlooks that limitation.

“The following day, he confronts her again, explaining his inability to provide another basic need, pleading with her to overlook it, and she does so. Again he comes to her another day to say he didn’t know that he also has to provide so and so to her, and now he has realised he cannot; it should dawn on the wife that he simply cannot discharge the obligations of matrimony to her, and it is legal and legitimate for her to seek divorce,” Lamido said.


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