Awww! What this 11-year-old girl gave her mother will make you cry (photo)


Words cannot describe the immense joy a mother feels anytime she looks at her children, especially when they are making her proud and doing well in their respective fields.

A young lady took to her Twitter handle, to post the heart melting gift her 11-year-old sister gave her mother when she noticed her mother was troubled.

She posted the picture with the caption: “This hit me real hard. My mum was going through something and my 11-year-old sister wrote this to her.”
The letter reads: “Mummy sorry just remember God is with you. It seems the issue is money. Take this N1000. Remember that I am still your best friend and I am sorry that it is only N1000 I can give you but don’t worry when I grow up, I will buy you a car and big house.”

Wondering how this mother felt when she received this letter and money from her daughter.

Joys of motherhood!