7 Ways Shy Guys Stylishly Express Their Feelings To Their Crush

Their some ways shy guys stylishly use to express their feelings to their crush.

They’re afraid of telling their crush face to face that he loves her.Their only fear is that “What if she slaps me infront of people”.*Lol*

Well, I’m not saying it’s every shy guys that do all these buh most of them.

1. Writing Her Love Letters

Almost every shy guys do this whether at teens age or not.They do write love letters and intentionally put it in her bag or textbook they actually know she’ll see it.They don’t mind paying for writing love letters to whom help them.

2. Through Social Media Chats

Shy guys are strong at talking to their crush on social media buh very shy at talking to her face face.They do make use of social media chats to stylishly express their feelings to their crush.They prefer social media toasting than face face stuffs to avoid getting a slap…”That’s what they think”.

3. Sending Her Lots Of Recharge Cards

If you notice a guy sending you recharge cards simultaneously, don’t think because you’re his friend.That’s the way of him saying he loves you.They do send recharge cards simultaneously to their crush so that she might be conscious of his feelings towards her.

4. Helping Her To Do Her Assignment/Project

They don’t care about the money or time that it might consume to help her do her assignment or project.No random guy will just walk into you and say “lemme help you with your project”…

5. Turn Themselves Into MTN Network

They monitor and guard you wherever you go.They want to make sure you aint seeing any guy or else you will see jealousy filled their eyes.No guy will say he want to follow you around.Even when their crush is going to Toilet, they don’t mind going to…*Na lie?*

6. Frequent Calls And Text Messages

They don’t mind calling you twenty times a day just to say “how do you do”.They don’t say more than that.Even if their crush ask them to say their motives for calling, they will say…”I just want to ask if you doing good”… Chai!

7. Complimenting Every Little Thing About Their Crush

They do compliment their crush for every little thing about them everyday.From nice dress to nice shoe, to nice earrings.Even sometimes, their crush will say..”Haba.. Are you a girl”.. I pity him, the day he will say “Nice Bra”… *Lmao*

MUST READ: 10 Types of Women Nigerian Men Love to Marry (Photos)

Being married is totally different from being in a relationship. It is a different ball game entirely and you would not expect to judge the two using the same criteria. Nigerian men could be stringent when it comes to the specifications they lay down with the women they want to marry.

All women are beautiful and appealing to Nigerian men; however, not all of these women are qualified enough to be married. Ask men. They know the ladies they turn to when it is time for them to ease the pent up $exual tension they have stored in their bodies and they know those they call when it is time to enter the clubs and have fun recklessly.

As much as people think men do not have pay attention to certain things, they have standards with which they operate and have qualities they expect their future partners to possess. Some Nigerian men would encourage some ladies to go bad or train them to be wild, yet they know they could never settle down for women like that because they have goals and objectives too.


The ladies they toy with are basically women that help them pass the time; they are women that are flexible and have little or no strong mor*l codes. If you have direction as a woman, a man should not have to toss you from side to side. Find below the types of women Nigerian men want to marry:

1. Home keeper

types of women Nigerian men love to marry

Nigerian men love to marry women who can help them run their homes. Women they can leave the affairs of their homes to; they would help them run and manage their properties in their absence and would add value to their lives.


Women that are home keepers would raise children the right way and instill core values and mor*ls into their lives at the same time. Men feel more relaxed knowing they have women like that in their lives. Women like these are family oriented.

2. Women they chase hard


Women like that do not fall cheaply into men’s traps. They are virtuous women who know what they want in men and would only settle down with one that has matching dreams and goals with them.

Men recognize the potentials embedded in women like these and would do anything to make them theirs. Women like that are considered treasure mines.

3. Ladies that are intelligent


Honestly, no man wants to marry a dummy. Men love women who are smart and intellectually challenging. Women like these fit into organizational role and would rise fast in their chosen fields of career.

However, men who are not as sound as them may feel intimidated by them and keep off as their ego would always be bruised. Men are naturally proud; they would no doubt want to be in control of women like these knowing how much respect the women like that command in the society.

4. Ladies who are genuine

types of women Nigerian men love to marry

Some ladies are honest and genuine; when they love, they love in totality. Ladies like these are rare considering how much importance ladies attach to materialism now.

Men want to marry ladies who they know would stick with them through thick and thin. They do not have to worry about the ladies cheat*ng while they are trying to hustle and make something out of their lives.


5. Ladies who are not afraid to invest in them

types of women Nigerian men love to marry

Men appreciate it when they meet women who are ready to invest in them. Ladies like these understand the concept of the word ‘team’ and do everything they could to make the men rise in the different fields they may want to explore.

Men know that ladies like these would go to any length in seeing them happy and would move mountains for them towards the fulfilment of their life goals.

6. Women that are appealing

types of women Nigerian men love to marry

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; Nigerian men go for women who are appealing to them. Women like these may not necessarily be the most beautiful woman in the world but would have strong features that would suit the needs of the men.

Men also love it when they meet women who have just more than beauty. They know the traits possessed by the women could get transferred to their offspring so they choose carefully.

7. Consistent and dedicated women

types of women Nigerian men love to marry

Men love it when they meet women who are as dedicated and committed as they are. Women like these know it is not solely up to men to make relationships and marriages work.

They also contribute their own quota and are keen on the success of the union. Nigerian men want to marry women who would not stop doing that very thing that made the men fall in love with them in the first place.

8. Ladies that are not mor*lly loose

types of women Nigerian men love to marry

Most men try having their fill of $ex with women before they get married; they tore clubs and go after chain of girls that will be ready to give them their cookies. Sometimes, men do not have to try so hard to find women who would be willing to share their beds with them.


However, they appreciate women who are not mor*lly loose. The ladies may not necessarily be v*rgins; they know they could train the innocent ones until they become the ideal $exual partner they want.

9. Ladies that are classy

types of women Nigerian men love to marry

Nigerian men love to marry women who fit their social status. They love it when they are seen with women who are classy; women who know how to dress and behave publicly.

Ladies like these do well when it comes to decorating the house and giving it a homey feel. They are a perfect blend of chic and industriousness.

10. Women with volu,ptuous shape

types of women Nigerian men love to marry

Sometimes, Nigerian men throw caution to the wind and go the African way; they love big things. Women who have curves, hips and big busts are chosen over every other type of women out there. Some of them like the idea of having their hands full when they touch the women.

They do not want to feel bones when they touch or lie with these women; they would rather go for women that are fleshy. These ones would give them a bouncy feel whenever they lie with them.

Source: Naij

If You Wont Learn To Do These 10 Things, Don’t Get Married


Marriage isn’t for kids, so if you wont learn to do these ten things, i am afraid you are not yet ready for marriage. Read them below digest and work around it.

1. Completing yourself

Sometimes when we are single, we forget to be comfortable with ourselves. You cannot fully give your entire capacity of love to another person without being comfortable on your own. You do not need another’s validation to realize your self-worth. This single moment, however long it may last, is the perfect time to discover what you truly love. Discover hobbies, travel to new sights and find joy in exploring who you are. Accepting and loving yourself is the first step in being able to let another person love you as well.

2. Money

Being single can often cause us to forget how to handle our money, especially if no one depends on us for our contribution. Money is a very important element of marriage. Create a budget for yourself and do not buy things you know you cannot afford. Save enough money for a rainy day, your future spouse will be appreciative of your willingness to be smart with funds.

3. Trust

Trust is the foundation of marriage. Without trust, relationships become rocky and unstable. Learn to commit to one person and one person only. Trust gives you comfort in knowing you do not have to worry about what your spouse is doing when you are not together. If you have a hard time trusting others, slowly build your trust up through social support from your friends and family. Be honest with yourself and learn to let go of your fear.

4. Homemaking

The ability to keep a home falls on the shoulders of both men and women- both husband and wife. Learn to take care of the space you live in. Knowing how to cook (even if it’s only one meal) and clean are basic tools in building a house into a home and keeping it that way. You do not know what the future will hold, so be prepared to take on the role of making dinner or cleaning the bathroom if that is what will be asked of you. All responsibilities at home should not fall on one person’s shoulders.

5. Selflessness

Marriage is all about loving another person and letting them love you. There will be some moments when you will have to sacrifice your own wants and needs for the sake of your significant other. Marriage has no room for selfishness.

6. Communication

Saying one thing and meaning another is confusing for even the most intelligent minds. Do not be afraid to be honest with yourself and with others. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Acknowledge all of the things that are working and the things that are not with your words. Ask all the right questions and do not let anything slide between the cracks. Communication is the key to a successful marriage.

7. Compromising

Marriage is all about give and take. When you are single, you don’t always have to worry about how your decisions will affect another person. Being able to compromise is vital to any healthy relationship. Sometimes you may have to sacrifice your game night with the guys and instead help your wife with a stressful presentation she has at work the next morning. Being able to compromise for another’s benefit goes hand in hand with selflessness.

8. Compassion

When times get tough, learn to show compassion for others. There is nothing as comforting to another person than being able to connect with them on an emotional level. Learn to show and feel empathy. Compassion allows you to understand others and see the world through their eyes during both the light and dark times.

9. Goal Setting

Setting and meeting goals and always striving to improve are vital to you and to your future spouse as well. Make goals and work your hardest to meet them. There is always room for improvement in every area of your life, even if it is something as small as learning a new recipe or saving money for a new car.

10. Respect

There is nothing more vital to this world than the art of respect. Respect yourself, and you will learn to respect others. Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Strangers or not, respect everyone for who they are, for what they do, and for what they stand for. In your current or future relationship, as long as you respect one another for your respected roles and treat each other well, there is nothing more to ask for.

Nobody is perfect. As humans, we all come with our own personal flaws and quirks. If you have not perfected all of the above, do not panic: nobody has. No one has a perfect home, and no one goes through life without an argument. But, if you continue to work on developing your capacity for respect, compassion and trust, that is all that matters. Whether you are in a committed relationship or you are single, if you are striving to become your best self, you will be ready for marriage when the opportunity comes your way.

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Ladies, These Are 10 Tips On How To Get Over Your Ex-Boyfriend And Never Look Back


If you had found yourself constantly thinking and mulling over your ex and desperately want a way out,then these tips are for you.

It’s tough when relationships break up, and both partners are left picking up the pieces. Just as you’re suffering and finding that every single thing reminds you of them, they’re suffering too.

The first time I got dumped was a real eye-opener; I’d literally never experienced such feelings of loss before. I was 18, green and perhaps a little bit naive. I honestly thought we were going to be together forever. In my head, I’d already plotted out life; where we would live, how many vacations we’d take, what kind of jobs we’d have.

Little did I know that he – show as 23 and had already had three relationships – probably knew it wasn’t going to last.

It’s really had to get over your first ex, and it’s also really hard to get over anyone who meant a lot to you. They say that time is a great healer, but one of the problems with time is that it takes a lot of time to get moving! If you’re an emotional wreck right now, let’s take a look at 10 practical tips on how to get over your ex boyfriend.

1.Stop Following Him Online

The first thing we immediately do when we’re dumped is go online to see what they’re up to. We’re curious to know if they’re suffering as much as we are, and whether they’re going through torture day and night.

And so it’s pretty wrenching when we see that they’re out partying tonight while we’ve just bought a cargo-load of tissues.

Stop hurting yourself even more and block him from Facebook. It’s certainly really tough to completely eradicate him from your life like this, but it’s much easier in the long run. The less you know about what he’s up to right now, the better.

It also means you can’t keep sloping off to the bathroom when you’re out with your pals so that you can check his Facebook and have a good blubber to yourself.

2. Do Something He Disliked

All the time you were with him, there would have been something that he disliked doing, and this dislike pretty much stopped you from doing it, too.

So see the positive side of the breakup and do the things you couldn’t do while you were with him. Wear a short dress in public if you want, go shopping all day long, eat Indian food – do whatever the heck you want!

3. Keep Busy

Another good tip on how to get over your ex boyfriend is to simply keep busy. We all have familiar patterns that we fall into when things don’t go our way. For example, when my first husband used to get depressed, he’d near-instantly head to the fridge and reach for a bottle of beer.

One time, I stopped him in his tracks by telling him the washing machine was broken. He forgot all about the beer and spent the next hour fixing our machine. He kept his mind occupied and he even soon forgot all about his depression. We went out for a meal afterwards.

When you’re feeling blue because you’ve been dumped, it’s tempting to just curl up on the sofa and wallow in your misery. But by doing this, you’re falling into your familiar patten. Instead, you need to break the link by doing something different. Keep yourself busy by doing something – anything. It could be something as simple as a puzzle or something as hectic as more hours at work.

4. Don’t Dwell On “What If’s…”

Next tip on how to get over your ex boyfriend is to avoid dwelling on ‘what if’s’…

What if you had stayed together?

It’s a question we all ask, but it’s totally pointless and 100% upsetting. It’s always better that you look ahead and not back. Don’t dwell on what could have been; he took control and split you guys up, so you now have to focus on what lies ahead for you. Think about the opportunities that are now before you.

5. Use The Experience To Your Advantage

You’ve made mistakes in your life. Of course you have – we all have. But what do you do when you make mistakes? Do you grieve and pity yourself, locking yourself in your bedroom and hiding away from the world?

Or do you analyse where you went wrong and tell yourself that you’ll do better next time around?

This is what you can do now. Look back on your relationship and think about everything you learned. Perhaps it turned out that you wasted your time dating someone incompatible with you. Perhaps it transpires that your ideals were actually too different in the end. Maybe you came on too strong, or perhaps you didn’t come on strong enough. There are always lessons to be learned, and it’s important that you learn them.

6. Re-Decorate

A great tip on how to get over your ex boyfriend is to redecorate your room, so that all reminders of him are vanquished.

The last thing you want is to keep waking up to the same wallpaper and the same pillows. Although it sounds very new-age, this will definitely help.

7. Don’t Let Him Give You False Hope

It’s really hard to get over your ex when he’s broken up with you but isn’t sure that he’s made the right decision. And so he keeps stringing you along by giving you false hope that maybe you’ll get together again someday soon.

This makes you a little bit excited, but it stops you from moving on and from gaining closure.

Sure, he might be confused, but it really isn’t helping you at all. If it seems like he can’t make his mind up, it’s much better that you take the lead and tell him that it’s definitely over.

8. Do Something New

Next good tip on how to get over your ex boyfriend is to do something new. You’ve got plenty of time on your hands now that your ex is out of the way, so why not use it productively and challenge yourself to do something new?

You could learn a language, learn an instrument, go travelling – whatever you feel like!

9. Don’t Try To Be 100% Over Him

We can’t all do an Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind on our ex. We’d love to be totally over him, but you know what? Sometimes it just isn’t possible to be 100% over someone. Sometimes, a bit of scar tissue will always remain.

This is not a problem as long as you accept it. You’re not emotionally attached to him anymore, and you’re not going out of your mind because he hasn’t called you back. But you’re human and sometimes at night as you close your eyes you will think about him. You may even think about him after ten years, but just embrace these feelings. They’ll swim in and out.

10. Don’t Look For Someone New

It’s really temping to find a new man to fill the void when your ex is out of the picture, but this is just a short-term fix that always comes with a crash.

Give yourself time to mourn. Get your ex out of your system before you let a new guy into your life. Enjoy the single life while it lasts.

How to get over an ex boyfriend? What are your best tips?


– Beauty and Tips

10 Annoying Things Nigerian Girls Constantly Do To Their Boyfriends


It’s widely understood but seldom said: Men love women. We do. We love making them laugh. We love their bodies and their smiles. We love the way they dance and the way they walk, and the gracefulness they bring to even the most mundane, everyday chores.

We smile when they’re happy and do our best to comfort them when they’re not. Which probably goes a long way toward understanding how we put up with the crazy things they do. (Why they put up with us, on the other hand, is a total mystery.) So here are 10t hings women do that drive us crazy


Na the least of the issue be this. You go carry babe enter restaurant, adjust your eye glasses, look menu finish come order for pounded yam and afang soup. Then you go turn look your babe ask her “Honey, you no go place your own order?”

The babe go just bone tell you say her belle dey full. Omo, na so person go dey happy for mind say him go chop tight but that na dream. The moment food land, your babe go come closer to you, look the meat, fish, kpomo, snail and okporoko wey dey the soup. “Honey, are you going to eat those?” She go pick one meat. Next thing na to wash her follow you chop the whole food.

This no be love, na confirm reducing of ration. Make una stop am abeg.


One of my friend and im former babe dey always get this issue. Normally we know say women get their time and e worse past African time. This my friend dey always add like 10 – 30 minutes for him babe so that she go do something quick but she must still delay. If na party, restaurant or Silverbird them wan go, na the same story. Na so this guy come device style o. Him go tell the babe say na 8:00pm be time for movie whereas na 9:00pm.

Well, the babe break up with am. Why? She say him too dey lie. What of her wey dey delay.


Make una no mind my language abeg. But must women make us beg for our right again? All the isi-ewu, nkwobi, cow tail and bladder wey dem don chop fa? Some babes own self na to allow you swim kpekus only when you do something special. Maybe you buy her the latest Samsung Tablet, if not, O.Y.O for you.

Some of them self get the liver to tell you something like this. “If you don’t buy me something for valentine, then I promise you, there will be no show!!!” Chineke, wetin make Valentine gift special abeg.
Men still dey device their own plans sha.


Ladies, we know. We know say una family mean so much to una but na wetin na?? Na so una go just una eyes for phone like say something dey happen wey special inside while we go just dey bed dey toss around. This thing no fair o. Sometimes, we men dey like make una give us that eye to eye contact when we dey yan with una. Oya make we do deal. We no go look that $exywaitress wey go serve us drink again. Deal? Deal.


Women no just know how to take compliment. Them go begin dey ask everybody if them make sense. After you carry 1 hour rub make-up, wetin you wan know again? Seriously, na only one person compliment suppose matter to una and that na una boyfriend(s).


Why be say una dey expect us to turn to Nostradamus because of una? Una go dey smile one kind smile dey wink for us or dey pinch us. Ah ahn, wetin una want? Una no go ever say. We dey attentive o, loving and caring but seriously, reading of minds na only winch dey do am and we no be winches.


We know say all this films dey always portray say make we do everything for our woman. We don watch am and unfortunately, women ma don watch am. Na so them go dey force us to do things wey we no wan do. Na so my babe make me part with my last cash. Wetin be her claim? She talk say I suppose make sacrifice for her since I “claim” say I love her. My people, e fair?


If una never hear am before, I go talk am again. The moment you Bleep up, your babe tell you say “Honey, everything is fine, just go to bed.” Guy, carry you cloth run comot go sleep for your friend house. Women sabi pretend until something don reach cataclysmic level before them go do you bad. A word, oyibo say dey enough for the wise.


This one go hand and leg with the number 1 of this thread o. The moment you carry wronganswer give her for question, or you do something wey she no like or you say something, hhhun. Even if na before una start to dey date, before una marry or when una just marry, wahala dey oo. Just know say she go dey remind you that eff up all your life.


“Do I look fat in this?” “Is my friend Amara pretty?” “If I ended up in a wheelchair would you still love me?” All of us know this question. Na the answer go determine wetin you go hear and wetin you no go hear. Seriously, women go just use innocent question make you trap yourself.

Kai, na so one of my babe those days tell me say one other girl dey eye me. Na quick quick I go burst kpekus. I no ever know say na plan. Well, I single now sha.

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8 Signs You Should Make Your Girlfriend Your Wife Immediately (A Must See)


Everyone keeps asking when you are going to get married (It’s getting a little out of control). And maybe the people have spoken and the people are right. But getting married is actually a pretty big deal. I mean, we’re talking about a lifetime committment here.

Hopefully this list can help you see signs you should take her to the altar immediately.

1. You’re incredibly happy to see her

If seeing your lady fills your heart with everlasting joy, you need to make sure you get to see her every single day (aka marry her).

2. She doesn’t take herself too seriously

If she can laugh at herself, she’s probably the kind of person who can shrug off mistakes and move on, which is a pretty great trait to have in a future spouse.

3. You want to be her kids’ dad

If you want to father her children, you should probably marry her. Also, if she’s the kind of woman you want to mother your children, that’s a great sign as well.

4. She cooks amazing pancakes

If your lady has some kind of special talent like pancake art, don’t think you’re going to find someone as awesome somewhere else. You’re lucky to be with her and all her special traits.

5. She’s smart

If your girl has a quick wit that takes her places but keeps you on your toes, she’s a keeper.

6. You love her when she’s crazy

You don’t have to be super attracted to her when she’s being a terror. But if you still love her when everything terrible is happening, you need to marry her.

7. She loves you too

If she loves you as well, this is the lady you are looking for.

8. You can’t imagine life without her

If you go dead trying to imagine a future without her in it, just wife her already.

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Guys, Stay Alert! These Are The 7 Types Of Women That You Must Avoid Immediately


Women are great companions to the menfolk but sometimes they can be a scourge as well. These are the kinds of women that may end up being scourges.

While there are enough reasons and pointers on the kinds of men that women should avoid, here’s a look at the kind of women that men should be wary of.

1. The Big Boss:

While she is sweet and well – mannered initially, you soon realises that she’s only about bossing him around. Even if you talk to your friends, you have to give a whole background and history about how you know the person he was talking to. You are also given tips on how to lead your life, maintain your relationships and how ambitious you should be.

2. The ‘Keep on Guessing’ type:

This girl is always playing hard to get. Even if she says ‘yes’, you are always left waiting for her to make a plan to meet. She will always keep you guessing about whether she likes you or not. As a result, you are forever insecure that someday, she might just end up with someone else.

3. ‘I want you to be like me’ type:

This one is forever imposing her tastes in food, movies, music and everything else on you. If you do not agree to even a single idea, she throws a tantrum and makes you feel that you have committed a big crime. Steer away from her.

4. Miss Jealous forever type:

She is always insecure that you will leave her. She does not even like you talking with your female colleagues. She is always guarded and is never at peace in the relationship.

5. ‘I live for you and I have nothing else to do’:

This one is totally dependent on you and her happiness and survival depends on you. She can’t think of a life without you and of course you will love the affection initially, later it will become suffocating and you will want to give up. She will keep messaging you and ask you for updates every minute and if you don’t tell her ‘I love you’ often in a day she will feel the world is ending for her.

6. My parents will have a say in everything:

The girl is always dependent on her parents for every decision in her life. She will have them solve all financial and personal decisions in her life.

7. People are happier than us:

This woman is constantly comparing her life with others. She is not happy because her friends are richer, happier, and successful than her and she is burning inside because she can’t have a life like them.

Nigerian Ladies : If A Man Tells You Any Of These Words, Please Run For Your Life


Below is write up i  saw somewhere which i consider funny and I thought it wise to share..This must have been written by a lady..lol…Read below;It doesn’t matter how much of a gentleman he has been up until that point: if a man you’re getting to know at a bar, on a date, or online says any of these lines, run —before he breaks your heart, or gives you the overwhelming urge to slap him.
*“I Could Never Date A Woman Who Earns More Than I Do ” So essentially, this man’s sense of self-worth, his sense of having an equal hand in a relationship, his sense of being amancompletely goes out the window when your salary exceeds his. It wouldn’t just bother him a little to not be able to treat you to nicer things. He is saying he could not stand to have a woman make more money than he does. Forget if she is happy in her career: if it makes him unhappy , he’s out of there. Pretty selfish when you think about it that way. * “I Banged This One Chick” Don’t trust guys who say banged in seriousness. Plenty of guys use that term jokingly, but men who use it in casual conversation, in lieu of “hooked up with” or “sl*pt with” have pretty degrading views of women . Think about that word: “banged.”
It implies asserting complete control over something, it can even imply causing pain to something, and it implies doing something rapidly then moving on. Gee. What a romantic. * “I Don’t Find Women Funny” Science has actually found a connection between a sense of humor and intelligence. That study helps us make a quick connection to this next point: men who say women aren’t funny are essentially saying women are not smart.
To be funny you need to be astute, to pick up on subtle, unspoken connections happening around you, to analyze people. A man who says a woman isn’t funny is saying that a woman can’t do those things. * “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas” Anyone who actually uses this saying as a license to cheat on their significant other, get arrested for indecent exposure, pick upa street walker, and gamble away money is someone who is looking for excuses to behave poorly. And they’ll look for them Vegas or no Vegas. * “I Don’t Like To Use Co*doms” This is not an excuse not to use one! I mean, try a little harder like, “I just got all my test results back and they were negative” or “I’ve never had unprotected s*x before.” I’m not saying a women should consent to not using a c*ndom for those reasons, but at least it shows that you don’t think you’re completely entitled to putting a woman at risk of painful and even deadly illnesses, all because you don’t “like’ to use c*ndoms. Sorry, do you also not like the crusts left on your sandwich little boy? * “She Was Such A H*” Are some women, well, slutty? Yes.
Does anything good come of calling them so? No. Only a very angry man—typically with anger against women in general—openly calls his ex girlfriend a “wh*re.” * “Because She Was Being silly ” If this is a man’s answer when you ask, “So why did you and your ex breakup?” you have a man with zero communication skills on your hands. Oh, and to compensate for his barely-there vocabulary, he just trash talks his ex. “She was being silly”? What is she—a friend who stole your toy truck? * “So I Just Stopped Answering Her Calls ” Another non-communicator on your hands. You know all those guys who broke your heart and made you feel like you didn’t matter when they just stopped responding to your texts and calls? Well just because this particular guy didn’t do that to you, he is still one of them! He is the type who will avoid confrontation and open communication at all costs, even if that means making a woman think she’s done something wrong when she has not. *“FML, LOL, ROLF” Men who can’t speak like grownups are not grownups.
It’s okay to occasionally—jokingly—speak in Twitter jargon. But a guy who speaks like this regularly, and seriously, probably also still drinks too much during the week and “b.angs” chicks. *“I Got Hookups All Over Town ” If a guy is telling you how he could get you into the busiest clubs, get you a table right now at the most sought after restaurant, and introduce you to a celebrity this means two things: A) He is proud of some pretty silly stuff and B) He is a major partier/p.layboy! * “My Girlfriend /Wife Just Doesn’t Understand Me ” Philandering men love to appeal to a woman’s sensitive side when looking for a hookup. They know women like to analyze and “understand” people and when they hear those little magic words, “My wife doesn’t understand me…” it’s like a challenge to understand the guy. And somehow, in the process, he can try to seduce you. If this guy actually cared about his marriage/relationship he wouldn’t be out telling strangers in tight dresses about his problems: he’d be at home fixing them

What Should I DO? “I Caught Her Double Dating Just Few Months To Our Wedding”


Hi Cliqloadites, My fiancée took money from me one day only to wire it into another guys account. God so kind, she forgot the teller inside her bag and I saw it. I took the name and browse it on Facebook. I was very honest with the guy during our chats so that he told me the whole truth.

I wish to quit the relationship even though she is begging but I don’t know if that is the right decision because I will be 35 years in just few days from now. Your quality advice might just give way to meaning, Please.

Very Funny!! See The Epic Response Of A Wife After Getting Goodbye Message From Husband


This husband thought he was smart. He got a new woman and new life, leaving his miserable spouse behind.

Read the message he left for his wife below:-

“My dear ex wife!

I write you this letter to say: farewell. I leave you for good. For the past 7 years I was a good man and a loving husband, but I did not receive anything in return… The last two weeks were especially horrible. I found out from your boss that you quit your job.

Last week you came back home and even did not notice my new haircut. I cooked your favorite food and put on my new silk pants. It took you just two minutes to eat and you got busy watching your favorite seasonal movies. Then you went straight to bed. I have not heard you telling me of your love and getting active in bed. I suspect you have someone else or just stopped loving me. Whatever it is, I quit.”

Your ex-husband

NOTE:- Do not even try to find me. Your sister and I moved far away forever! Be happy.

She wrote him back and she indeed had some stunning news for the guy!

“My dear ex-husband!

Your letter is a real joy to me. Indeed, we have been married for 7 years. Yet, I did not see a good man in you. Yes, I watch those movies to stop hearing your endless whining and that does not always help. I did notice your new haircut, but you look so stupid with it. I preferred to say nothing instead of criticizing you.
And you did cook my favorite food, but you must have confused me and my sister. Over 7 years I do not eat any pork! As to your new silk underwear, I noticed a price tag on it – $49.99. My sister just happened to borrow $50 from me today!

Nonetheless, I kept on loving you. I thought we could fix things up. I just won 10 million dollars in a lottery and I quit my job to go to Jamaica. I even bought two tickets for you and me. When I came home I saw your letter there. I believe it is meant to be. I hope you would be happy in your new life. My lawyer said that your letter will not let you have a penny from my money! Good luck!”

Your rich and free ex-wife!

Be Sincere, If You are the Man, What Would you do?

Drop your comments.