MUST READ!! 6 Foods Ladies Must Not Order For On A First Date With A Nigerian Man


The perfect dress, the perfect hairdo, face on fleek and bringing your A-game and then out of the blues, some okro soup stuck in between your teeth ruins what should have been a perfect evening.

Food is important and here are 6 things you should totally avoid on a first date:

1. Spaghetti

Most people can’t eat spaghetti without a slurp and that slurp splatters sauce all over your mouth and chest not to mention ruining your makeup. Forget that romantic scene from Disney’s ‘the Lady and the tramp’, spaghetti is not romantic food.

2. Draw soup

A favorite among Nigerians and guaranteed to leave a mark. Okra, ogbona or mixed, anything that leaves a trail from your plate to your mouth should be avoided at all costs.

3. Shawarma

Show me a person that can finish a whole Shawarma without making a mess and I’ll show you the real MVP! Most people can’t manage this small feat which is why Shawarma is a no-no.

4. Suya

Suya is delicious and not at all messy so you must be wondering why it’s on the list, well it isn’t the Suya per se, it’s the onions that go with the suya. Most people can’t eat Suya without munching on the onions and onions are almost as famous as garlic for giving bad breath. Bad breath does not a great first date make! So say no to suya please!!!

5. Food with lots of garlic

Thankfully a lot of restaurants include the ingredients for each dish in the menu. Garlic oozes from your pores not to mention giving you bad breath. I don’t have to emphasize staying away, it’s for your own good.

6. Experimental food

Any food that you have never eaten before is not fair game for a first date please! A number of things could go wrong. I know a girl who ordered calamari on a first date because it looked fancy and ended up in the ER with anaphylactic shock. Even if you don’t get allergies, you just may hate it and have to pretend to love it to save face or there may be a certain way that sort of food is eaten. Avoid the embarrassment, stick to the familiar.

Your first date isn’t the time to show him what an unrepentant foodie you are, if you can’t eat it without making a mess then pretend it isn’t on the menu.

Culled from Nigeria Kitchen

7 Excuses Nigerian Ladies Give To Justify Themselves Of Not Having Boyfriends


Nigerian Single ladies make us of some excuses to justify and make themselves look Innocent when they were being asked, reasons why they don’t have a boyfriend yet.

1. I Don’t Want To Get Involve In A Relationship

They do make use of this excuse of not liking to get involve in any relationship with a guy.And would you believe, most of them love watching “Philippian and Korean” Romance Movies, and they do feel like Shedding tears when a break-up scene comes up.

A lady of 35years old, still claiming she don’t want to be in a relationship…. She needs deliverance from a pastor in the North.Or did she wants to be a Sister? There’s nothing impossible for God to do.

2. Guys Are Distraction

How could a guy distract you when you have something doing.A guy can never distract you, if only you distract yourself.Nigerian ladies do make use of this excuse to justify themselves.

3. I Prefer Foreign Guys

This is so appalling and displeasing when you heard a typical Nigerian lady saying she prefer a foreign man.I pity you!… Many ladies that do say this are single buh in order to protect and justify themselves, they do claim Foreign guys are the best… I think we even have them on Nairaland forum..Smh! For you.

4. Nigerian Guys Are Players

Lol! This is a trend among them, “Nigerian Guys are Players”.There a reason why a guy would dumb your ass and that’s because you’ve already give him the ball to play.Not every Nigerian guys are players, you just have to observe and don’t rush into his arms… “Clearer Eyes Choose The Best Product”.

5. I Don’t Have Time For Guys Now

Imagine a Thirty years old lady, saying this particular phrase and she do watch movies 24 hours every day…Then what did you have time for? Watching romance movies? You need a counselling miss.

6. I Want To Face My Work

Whenever I do hear this, I do bursted out laughing even climbing the Lekki bridge and jump down..*lol*… Sister, are you telling me that, is your work you wanna marry and gives you a better life ? *If I hear*…

7. Still Waiting For God’s Time

Well! It’s very good to wait for God’s time.”God’s time is the best”.Buh how would you have a spouse when you turned down every guy that cometh your way.


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7 Reasons Why Shy Guys Find It Difficult To Approach Ladies


We have guys that are too shy of approaching a lady in a place, including me sef.

Though, there’s no how you won’t have a doubt of mind before approaching a lady but shy guys do think and do the unexpected.

Sit back and enjoy the Reasons why shy Guys find it difficult to approach a lady.

1. Awareness Of Body Flaw

Shy guys keep counting their bodly flaws, then they can’t never make it, as far as talking is concerned.

They do keep thinking of how short or thin they look or certain flaws they feel their body have, that made them feel shy and find it difficult to approaching a lady.

2. Waiting For The Right Moment

A perfect moment that never comes.They do keep waiting for the perfect moment they’ll easily approach her.

There’s hardly anything as a perfect moment, and shy guys who keep waiting for the perfect moment would never get it right.

3. Fear Of Rejection

The fear of rejection is one of the many reasons shy guys find it difficult to approach a lady.

To these guys, it’s better to remain where they are than to be rejected.

4. Bad Experience

Almost every guys that’s shy with ladies has had at least one bad experience with lady that have even made him enter his shell the more.

A lot of previous bad experiences add to make shy guys scarced to approach a lady.

5. Fear Of Not Knowing What To Say

To guys like this, they find it difficult to think what to say to a lady after approaching her.

In their mind before approaching that lady— the music that plays in their head is; “What If I Go There And Don’t Know What To Say?”.

6. Lack Of Confidence

A lack of confidence would unable them to do anything.They do forget that confidence makes them look attractive.

Last buh not the least.

7. Afraid Of Being Getting Slapped

This is very common among shy guys.A smart and confident guy shouldn’t be afraid of getting a slap from a lady he wants to approach unless you step beyond your boundary.

5 Major Promises That A Man May Never Be Able To Keep With His Girlfriend


Love is beautiful I must say; nothing beats the feeling of meeting someone new and falling heads over heels in love with the person.

Many people describe the feeling as exceptional while some record having butterflies in their stomach when they are newly in love. Many people feel this way for the rest of their lives while some hate to remember having to fall in love in the first place.

So when things are going on well, the men would promise heaven and earth and would make you fly on cloud nine. No one is trying to label the men as being evil but then, there are certain promises they make that you should know they would never keep.

It could be reassuring hearing the men say all these promises at the start of the relationship but that is as far as it goes. They are merely words they say to make the women feel good about themselves but these words do not go very far in the relationship as you are bound to see their flaws. Some break the promises they make as soon as the words leave their lips.

It would be good for you to known the promises men make and break so that your expectations are not cut short. Find below some of these promises of love:

1. I will provide all your needs


Men often say this to women to make them feel comfortable about settling down with her. Women ordinarily would not walk into poverty with their eyes opened and would prefer to date men who can provide them financial security.

As a woman, if you go into a marriage with the aim of having all your needs met, it is possible you lose the passion for that marriage as soon as the man disappoints you. Things could change for the man and he may not be as financially buoyant as he used to be. If you dwell on the promises of a man in this regard, you will be disappointed. It is only God that is all sufficient.

2. I will always be with you


Many men say this even though we know it is not possible. A man cannot be with you always because he has a life too. He would be busy at one point or the other trying to fix things in his life or trying to provide for the family.

It would be selfish to hold the men to their words on this. The most important thing is to understand each other and try as much as possible to be faithful to your partner even when you are apart.

3. I will never hurt you


Please, for the love of God do not take this promise very serious. It is quite impossible for you not to be hurt in a relationship or marriage. The most important thing to note here is to be willing to forgive your partner and move on.

He is not perfect after all and you it would be near impossible for him not to hurt you with his words or actions at one point of the other. Promises like this will only make you hurth the more when you remember them.

4. I will never cheat on you


Oh please! Not every man has the tenacity to withstand the temptation out there. Most men end up cheat*ng on their partners as a result of boredom or just for the fun of it. Men would always be men; while they are trying so hard to keep their promises to you, there are some ladies who get excited running after other women’s men.

It would be nice for you to zero your mind when it comes to this promise, do the best you can and lay down some rules that would protect you in that union in case that happens. Remember men remain $exually active for as long as possible when women are worn out and retired from $exual activities.

5. I will do everything for you


When a man makes a promise like this, he means he would try doing what he could when it comes to your affairs. Do not ever think that a man would do everything for you; you should be able to do certain things for yourself too since you are not handicapped.

Knowing this at the back of your mind would help you get through life as you would not be disappointed when he breaks this promise.

Ladies : See the Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married To A Nigerian Man

It is no doubt that Nigerian men make wonderful lovers; they are sweet, kind, thoughtful, maybe not very romantic but romantic still and good in bed too. It is also no doubt that these men are very rare to come by in Nigeria. Maybe by default or societal conditioning, most Nigerian men are so not it; they are egoistic, chauvinistic and make terrible husband materials. You wonder why I think Nigerian men; at least most of them, won’t make good husbands, read the reasons listed below:

-They Are Chauvinists: pardon the strong word “chauvinists” but Nigerian men prefer to stick to their bias opinion about women and their responsibilities in the home. They take the “head” duty way too serious and often push the women aside expecting them to follow their will and do as they say. If you marry a Nigerian man, you will probably end up as the less important voice in the home rather than as the partner you are to him.

– They Are Polygamous In Nature: In Nigeria, some men believe men are entitled to as many women as they can handle and so, they are free to marry more than one wife or have affairs with other women. With a Nigerian man, it is never certain that you will be the only woman in his life. To save yourself the heartbreak of discovering condoms and hotel receipts in his pocket or worse, finding out he has secret children, please do not marry a Nigerian man.

– They Are Not Romantic: you want flowers, a guy to follow you to the salon, ex*tic lunches, dinners, vacations, chocolates and breakfast in bed? Then, a Nigerian man is not the man you should marry. They often consider these things as cheesy and unnecessary. Maybe they will try on your birthday and Valentine’s Day (that’s if they don’t come up with excuses to forget). The most romantic thing some Nigerian men will ever get for you is packs of food from an eatery or drinks and few back/foot rubs just right before s*x

– You Will Be A Nanny To A Grown Man: if God blesses you with a Nigerian man and a somehow scattered one, you are in soup. You’ve just graduated to being a nanny to a full grown man. You will pick his socks, shirts and what not after him when he gets back from work, even flush the toilet when he’s done. Be ready to face a sulking man if the food is not ready on time or you try to get him to do something for you when his favourite game or TV show is on. You will have to pet and stroke his ego almost all the time to make him happy.

– They Have The Wife Beating Syndrome: either by societal conditioning or home training, some Nigerian men believe it is very normal to hit a woman; that is the only way to put them back on track when they are wrong. It is no secret that some Nigerian men will beat their wives and feel no regret about it; it is somehow the woman’s fault the man is so angry to the extent he has to hit her. If you’re not ready to lose your fine skin to the itchy palms of a man, please steer clear of Nigerian men.

-They are also good liars. They smoke and drink heavily and blame it on the society’s deteriorating condition; they have to “keep body and soul together”. Many Nigerian men have money problem; it is either they are misers or heavy spenders. Some prefer to show off the wealth they do not possess by living way beyond their standards. And the most annoying part is that many Nigerian men are Mr nice guy in public and Mr stingy in their homes which you will agree is not a very attractive trait especially in someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Top 5 Reasons Online Dating Is A Bad Idea


The results from Google search engine when searched for ‘online dating’ will wow you, everyday new dating site emerges.

Some notable percentage of people prefer going to the internet to offline ways in quest for having the love of their lives.

Yes, technology brings a nice idea, and one of them is online dating.

However, nothing good comes easy, the disadvantages of online dating seem to be more than its advantages and it takes only the experienced ones to understand this.

The few of the many reasons why people should stop practicing online dating goes thus:

1. Cost

The best of these dating sites are not free, sometimes you register with your credit card and certain amount of money would be deducted. Love don’t cost a thing they say, Its absolutely wrong in finding true love online, It cost you money at registration point if not monthly.

The worst thing is you might even fail to meet a serious lover throughout your stay in the site and I have not seen any online forum that can refund your money.

2. Scammers

For every online dating site, there must be at least 20% of member who are not real, They provide false information and display them to you.

The reason isn’t farfetched, they see the platform as a chance to swindle people who at some point in time searching online for what could be found offline.

You have the 50% chance of meeting this kind of people when you stay on online dating sites.

3. Distance

At some point in time, you can successfully meet someone you love. The features you need in a partner, but the distance between you and the person is the only barrier that can make it real.

Chances are he or she is living in another location and the fares to meet them may not come cheap which result in you losing the one you love after so many moments of combing online dating sites.

4. Impersonal

Do you agree that meeting someone in real life is not the same as meeting them online? Only features you know about them are the ones they put up in the site or tell you, you are already obsessed with their features and if lucky you meet each other, you find out what you couldn’t get online, like the body language, conversational style, s*x moves which you might find incompatible and end up giving up because the person you are seeing is totally different online.

5. Lack Of Response

What about coming across the exact type of search you need? sending the person numerous messages without acknowledging them, You wouldn’t know if that person is being inundated with numerous messages from other suitors or probably not really interested in you.

The person might even go offline indefinitely as they have already come across the person they love and not having any reason to come on the site again.

This discourages many people not to look for online dating.

Get out of your comfort zone, go out, move your ass, save time and pick up some amazing girls/guys in a part of the time, which you would lose in the online world and on social media for nothing.

Written By AkhamPapa

A Cliqloadite Needs Your Advice! His Younger Sister Is Ruining All His Relationships


A Cliqloadite needs your Advice, Please drop reasonable advices for him…

Read below:-


I’m a 200 level student of a university in Ogun State and in my early 20s. I met a lady when I resumed in 100 level and we started dating. We got very fond of each other but there was a very big problem….

My junior sister. We were in same school, same level, but different departments. I got to notice something about my sister and it is the fact that she doesn’t want any lady around me.

A year and six month of the relationship, we had to break up because my sister had cooked up all forms of story against the poor girl and my mom wants her out of my life.

Despite the break up..we still love each other and see everyday but we still want each other. I cant disobey my mom and I love the girl.

I’m really confused, I don’t know what to do….

I need your Candid advice.


Drop your comments.

My Story – My Girlfriend Donated A Kidney To Me, But I Don’t Love Her Anymore – Please Advice!


A young man who is in need of a serious advice, His Story has been trending online for days now.

The unnamed young man, who is about 31 years old is torn between leaving her girlfriend of 5 years who gave him her kidney and getting married to her without any feelings for anymore.

Read the mail below:-

“Hi, I am 32years old and my girlfriend is 31years old. We’ve been together for 5 years and now live together in a nice house.

Things have been slowly fizzling out and I’ve been feeling like we don’t belong together for a few months now. I feel like if I don’t make a decision soon we will be married and I will feel this way forever. But on the other hand, getting a kidney transplant has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

I feel like staying together is the right thing to do even if I’m not in love anymore. I’ll never be able to pay her back. I’m so torn and conflicted and feel like I have to make an impossible choice.

If I stay with her, I’ll always feel trapped and in a loveless relationship. If I break up with her, I’ll forever feel like an evil person for dumping someone who literally put their life on the line for me.”

What do you think he should do?

Drop your comments.

Be Warned! If You Get Married To Any Of These 8 Types Of People, You Will Surely End Up Getting A Divorce


Marriage is such beautiful thing when the people involved know how to make it work. But what if one gets married to the wrong partner.

These kinds of partners are notorious home breakers.

It is said that Love is blind but, should you get married to any of these people, it is likely to end in divorce.

1. Gold Digger

Being married to such a person will only last as long as you’re able to provide for his or her insatiable needs but if the niceties stop flowing, he or she is gone, leaving you to lick your wounds.

2. Drunkard

Many people can contain this for a while but if there is no solution to the problem, the likelihood it will end in divorce is very high.

3. Batterer

Any man or woman who abuse their partner is obviously getting them out as quick as possible

4. Drug Addict

Drug addiction is a very serious issue and marriages in this kind of situation can only last if both are addicted to drugs but if it’s just one party and the other is clean, the possibility of it ending in divorce is very high.

5. Narcissistic

Any person who does not care about others and is only concerned about themselves will only end up alone because marriage is about sharing and so if everything is centered on you, the likelihood of the other person leaving is very high. Usually, marriages to such persons do not work.

6. Overly Jealous

It is normal for every person to be jealous, from now and then but if you’re the kind of person who is overly jealous to the extent it clouds your judgment and you end up hurting others or fighting every now and then, then you should be prepared to end up alone.

7. Promiscuous

In marriage, if one is promiscuous, obviously the marriage is bound to fail because most people abhor it.

8. Controlling

Usually, the onus falls on women. One thing about men is that they all have an ego, that is how they were created and so in marriage, you have a woman who wants to always control the man, it doesn’t last.

9. Disrespectful

Respecting each other in a relationship is one of the foundations of a good marriage, but when disrespect is rife in a marriage, it is obviously going to end up in divorce.

10. Add Yours

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