Where Are The Guys? 10 Reasons Single Ladies Are Desperate To Get Married To You

Lady_begging a Guy

It is still subjective to know if men talk about women more when they are in a gathering, or ladies discuss men more while gisting.

Women are more blessed at expressing themselves, when they have a point to prove, or to exonerate themselves, even when they are guilty.

What makes women who are not attracted to marriage initially change their minds afterwards? If women are asked this question, they will give various answers. Although, a good number of single ladies in their early 20s still see themselves as too young for marriage, but there are some of them, who wants to get married as quickly as possible.

Some of the reasons some single ladies do not want to waste time in getting married are highlighted below.

1. Tired of living with parents

It is not just a matured man who wants to leave his parents’ home and prefer to rent his own apartment, even if his father owns a mansion or an estate. A matured single lady also wants to leave her parents and live elsewhere

Ladies after finishing school, feel they can take care of themselves. They get tired of going on errands or doing house chores for their parents. They believe if a man shows interest in them, then, marrying the man is an escape route from living with their parents.

2. Loneliness/boredom/depression

Truly, having sufficient money, is highly important in living a life of ease, but sometimes, this is not so.

A working class lady, who lives alone in her own rented apartment, could start to feel something important is missing in her life after some time.

The natural feelings a woman gets when a man touches her or hugs her or caresses her, cannot be provided by her expensive water bed or her cozy bedroom.

It should not surprise anyone when some widows after mourning their deceased husbands for a few months, immediately marry another man.

3. Age is catching up fast/beauty is fading away

Nothing lasts forever. A lady who once told men she was not ready for marriage, while much younger, backtracks on this statement, when she knows, men are getting less fascinated at her. Since she knows she is getting old, she starts thinking of clinging on to a man, by becoming a well behaved lady or more religious by attending church services/mosque programmes frequently, in order to deceive men she is a good wife material. She becomes the first person to greet men and smile at them. This is something she never did, while she was still a sweet-16.

4. Facing personal challenges/health problems

Women are very smart. They always want to have their way. But the truth about life is that a person will not have his or her way all the time.

Some women in Nigeria after visiting medical doctors, and are told marriage is the best solution to their health challenges, will desperately start looking for a man they will transfer their burden to his head. There are many medical conditions which force some single ladies to vigorously opt for marriage.

5. Societal pressure/what people are saying

No single lady can live comfortably among people who insult her, because she is not married. Even if she initially ignores such people, she may feel emotionally disturbed later on. As women are emotionally more under-pressurised than men, thus, the woman may even be forced to marry a man which is not really her choice.

The Nigerian society itself, sometimes view single ladies, who are mature and ripe for marriage as unserious elements.

6. Almost all friends are married

Women are interesting creatures. The issue of societal class is more pronounced among women than among men. A woman, who is still single, may be surprised to find out that, not all her former single friends, will continue to communicate with her as frequently, if many of them are married.

A working class lady does not want to have a jobless person as a friend. A woman, who has got kids, may find it difficult to befriend women who are still childless. Therefore, a single lady will also find a way of belonging to the married women class, which most of her friends belong, by trying hard to settle down with a man.

7. Pressure from parents

Mothers especially, do not feel comfortable, when their daughters are getting old and haven’t brought home any suitor. Parents could ask their girl-child, why has no man come to their house, telling them he wants to marry her.

As mothers get older, their thought is always on having their own grandchildren. They want to back their grandchildren and sing lullaby. They feel proud, when they are called ‘grandma.’

8. Series of disappointments/heartbreaks/broken relationships

Some men are heartless. They derive joy when they hurt a lady, by breaking her heart after long years of being together.

On the other hand, a lady who is a ‘player’ may have herself to blame for her broken relationship. Such a lady might have been with series of men, playing smart games on them. When the men discover, they might disappoint her, by unexpectedly ending the relationship. When she sees all the previous men are not forthcoming again, she starts her desperate search, for a man she will marry.

9. Socioeconomic status of man just met despite claim of being in a relationship

This is one of the most dangerous trends in the society presently, regarding man-woman relationship, as it is causing more problems, than providing solutions.

Some single ladies are in relationship with more than two men. Just because of what their friends will say, they have a man, they call their boyfriend. They do this, so that their friends will not make jest of them. However, when they meet a wealthy man, they tell the man they are available for marriage. If the man does not find out the relationship status of such a lady, he could find out after marriage that the woman specifically agreed to marry him, because of his money, and that the woman had other men, before he married her.

10. Lack of job/unemployment after years of graduating/financial security

The economic situation in the country sometimes pushes people to do what they are not prepared or ready to do.

A woman, who is jobless after five years of graduating, could think of marriage, as the best possible way out to save herself from her personal financial challenges.

Help!! She Started Frustrating My Life, Just After I Officially Proposed To Her – Young Man Cries Out


Cliqloadites, I need your advise ASAP.

Read my story below:-

I made up my mind to put it here than killing myself thinking all by myself.

I met this young beautiful lady about 2 years now and ever since we’ve been friends and just friends. I took it further to ask her out, but she declined but after up to a year of disturbance, she said yes and……

Fast forwarded till present. I Proposed my love to her with a ring and she was overwhelmed that day. She said yes without ado.

Backward to that time I asked her out. Yes, she told me she is dating one white guy. She told me it isnt anything serious and now she is no more dating him, just that they are now best of friends and he render helps to her. I believed her and we started the relationship.

After I gave her that ring, she has been one very…… girl. Its either we fight today, quarell tomorrow and…..

She’s just been fruustrating my life.

One day we had a little misunderstanding over the phone, and the next thing I saw was her text, telling me she already flushed the ring. I was so mad that day, but I love her and I forgave her later.

Fastforward to last week, I saw a picture on her dp (she was wearing a guys cap and posed in a very lovely house). Without suspecting, I asked her where that nice place was and she answered that ‘why was i asking’?

I told her jokingly that just to know if that was her new house and she told me it was the white guys house and that was his cap she wore. My mind got heavy that day and I wasnt myself throughout.

Just of recent, what she did on her dp was so annoying. She snapped her hands and the guys hands on her dp, showing bothe hands as if telling someone “we are married”.

I told her to remove it which she did and told me it was an old picture, at least more than a year. Yes I believed and we moved on.

Now to the major problem im facing now, she doesnt pick my calls again. She will later call back and tell me she’s been busy or sleeping and that was why she isnt picking calls.

Apart from that, she doesnt chat again nowadays. She’s always online yet, she will never talk to me. She hasn’t replied my messages since 2days now…

I need advise on what to do. I love her yet, I am afraid she already moved on. Should I just break up with her or wait till……..?

Pls advise me.

Culled from Nairaland.

Have You Ever Wondered Why We Kiss With Our Eyes Closed? Here’s Why


It’s agreed that one of the greatest mysteries of human psyche is, why do we close our eyes while sharing a kiss?

Worry no more about why because the psychologists from Royal Holloway, University of London, simply say our brains the brain can’t deal with more than two things at once and so, it has nothing to do with love, passion, or lust.

Closing our eyes when kissing isn’t a sign that you’re a hopeless romantic. Scientists have discovered that we close our eyes when kissing because our brains aren’t able to process visual data at the same time as processing the physical sensations from our mouths.

Dr Sandra Murphy and Dr Polly Dalton asked volunteers to perform a letter search task of either low or high difficulty, as well as responding to the presence or absence of a brief vibration delivered simultaneously to either the left or the right hand. They found that sensitivity to the clearly noticeable touch was reduced when they carried out the more taxing visual search task.

Dr. Dalton said:-

“If we are focusing strongly on a visual task, this will reduce our awareness of stimuli in other senses. This could explain why we close our eyes when we want to focus attention on another sense.

Shutting out the visual input leaves more mental resources to focus on other aspects of our experience.” …. so stop calling bae Mr. Romantic….

Wow!! Man Proposes To His Girlfriend At Egbeda Market In Lagos (See Photo)

Wow!!! Love is beautiful..

This Young man proposed to his Girlfriend at the Popular Egbeda Market in Lagos.. The Whole market seller and buyers were amazed as they watch while the buying and selling was on hold while the proposal lasted.

Read what the Man sent to us below:-

I would love to share my sweet proposal with your readers, which I did in the middle of time square (Egbeda market) by stopping the entire activity of the market and blocking the roads as passers-by and on lookers stopped to watch which made drivers and riders petrified and stayed put as they watched the event of the day unfold.

Some even thought it was a movie scene and other cheered and someone screamed kiss the bride lol. Please find attached copy of the video and photos here. Thanks as I’ll be glad if the public share in my joy.

May GOD Bless the Union :)


If you’re seeing this and you’re above 28.. Bros abeg go propose self, Its cheap. You can do your own at Oshodi :)

Where Are The Ladies?? These Are 5 Major Reasons Your Husband Keeps Following Younger Girls, No 4. Is Totally Shocking!


It is no longer news that married men are fond of going after younger ladies for whatever reason.

Their reasons are always unknown to their wives who are always livid with the way their spouses ignore them for the fresh blood.

According to findings, not all married men date because they are willing to cheat, there are many other reasons men decide to date out of marriage.

Below are five reasons married men may never stop running after young girls.

1. Apathy:- Lack of feelings, emotion, interest and concern could drive a man crazy. Absence of complete apathy is one good reason why a married man goes to date a young lady, because he feels that he doesn’t get all the necessary attention from his wife.

2. Lust:- When the s*xual buzz that occupies an essential role at an early phase of intimacy in marriage is lost or a woman does not have that s*xual passion anytime her man urges for it, the desire for a strong s*xual desire will make that man lust after a young lady who he finds s*xually attractive.

3. Child:- bearing Another sophisticating issue is the one of child birth. Inability to bear a child is associated to negative repercussions and a married man will almost certainly engage in extra marital affair in order to have offsprings.

4. Revenge:- In a marriage where the husband thinks his wife is having an affair for whatever reason, there is bound to be the revenge mission by the man.

Whatever maybe the explanation given by the married woman, the husband’s real motivation is to seek revenge which is by dating someone else.

5. Boredom:- Imagine a situation where the wife is living in a separate town because of career reasons. The husband therefore bears more than usual share of the responsibilities on his shoulders.

Day after day, it is the same mundane routine: get up early, prepare breakfast, rush to the office, return home tired and there’s no one to talk to and give emotional support.

Definitely a man will look for a young girl to always keep him company. Most married men date out of their marriage, but there also are lots of married men out there who do not go about dating young ladies.

Married men who live amidst student tend to cheat on their wives because they will not be able to resist the temptations from the young ladies especially because they know the ladies will dance to their tune.

5 Things Couples Should Avoid In A Relationship To Stay Happy (A Must Read)

Funny couple laughing with a white perfect smile

You are in a relationship with your partner and loves each other then there are things that you must avoid in your relationship to keep it strengthen.

It’s pertinent to mention that life is full of surprises, nothing lasts forever. Good times comes and worst goes but it’s only YOU who decides how to spend it either by crying or by staying happy with whatever you have in life. If you support your partner in his worst then definitely he would be going to stay with you in rest of your life.

I realized in my life that the couples who stay together in their hard times are the real lovers, because only TIME and CIRCUMSATNCES tells how much one is true to other. I have something to share with you, things that a couple should avoid in a relationship.

1. Always Tell The Truth

It is commonly observed that people lies in a relationship to impress their partner. If you are one of them then STOP telling lies. These lies don’t make your relationship stronger instead they will create problems in future. Tell the truth whatever the circumstances are, and remember if your partner values your truth and stays with you then he is the right person and if he/she doesn’t do this then let them go. They are not the right ones for you.

2. Stop Complaining Every Time

People, who cry every time on little problems, complain about the things that they have in life; worries about the things that are not in their control, are the kind of people who make their lives tough. Who always find the negativities and complains others for their problems, they cannot stay happy in a relationship because no one like crying people, mostly people like happy and optimistic partner. Do share your sorrows and problems with your partner but stop crying every time. Everyone in life has problems but this doesn’t mean that you cry all the time. Stay happy and keep happy each other. Life is beautiful, if you find it difficult look at those who are in the lower half and doesn’t have even shoes. This will help you in staying happy and feeling blessed.

3. Pay Attention To Your Partner

Love is all about care and understanding, when you are together, pay your attention to your partner, listen carefully what they say and respond them attentively. Care about each other, remember the birthdays and other important events linked to them, believe me, these little act of kindness can make your relationship beautiful and healthy.

4. Appreciate Each Other

If you love someone, appreciate them; appreciate their efforts that they do just to make you feel happy. Tell them and realize them by your acts that how much you love them. It’s a daily job to tell them that you are precious and your presence in their lives is a blessing. Don’t think that you have told them how much you love them and now you are at that stage where you know each other enough and you don’t need to tell them that you love each other. If you do so, STOP doing it. It’s the death of your relationship.

5. Don’t Fight In Front Of Public/Friends/Family Members

If your partner has some weaknesses, you have some arguments on some issues or need to solve an issue then please avoid discussing them in front of public/friends. Solve it at home; don’t discuss it at any public place. These is something personal but always remember that these arguments should be in limits, you should kept in mind that how much you love each other. Don’t say something that hurt your partner.

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Bound To Fail – A Must See For All Guys


The phrase “dysfunctional relationship” gets thrown around as much as cliches like “love conquers all” or “never go to bed angry.” But unlike most relationship cliches, there is a lot of truth in labeling an unhealthy partnership.

Here are five signs your relationship is bound to fail

1. Harsh Startups

From the moment you begin a conversation with your partner, you’re immediately negative. You criticize, use sarcasm, and maybe even throw some biting words into the mix. This is referred to as a “harsh startup.” If any interaction begins like this, it will inevitably end the same way. Consequently, this leaves you and your partner feeling even worse than you did at the inception of the discussion, and most likely without any kind of resolution.

To combat this tendency, talk to your partner about making a serious effort to toss some positivity into your daily ritual. Instead of beginning an interaction with a nasty edge, try to open with a compliment or something you appreciate about your partner. While this ugly habit may be difficult to break, if you both become more self-aware of your actions, positive change is possible.

2. Flooding

The term “flooding” means that your partner’s negative actions, whether it’s criticism or defensiveness, is so overwhelming that you become paralyzed. You shut down emotionally and completely detach from the relationship because you simply cannot handle the toxicity. These feelings usually lead to even more contempt over time, and a quick deterioration of a relationship.

3. Body Language

When you interact with your partner, are you closed off? Arms crossed? Face scowling? Maybe even some yelling? These are common reactions when you’re feeling flooded, along with increased heart rate, a secretion of adrenaline and an increase in blood pressure.

Whatever the cause of these physical reactions, one thing is certain, it renders you unable to have a productive conversation with your significant other. If you notice yourself physically reacting in this way, try to take a few deep breaths, or ask your partner to give you a moment to calm down before you proceed. Of course, these steps are much easier said than done, but doing so will help lead to a more conducive discussion and hopefully result in a resolution.

4. Positive/Negative Balance

A combination of negative and positive is like the yin and yang of any healthy relationship. Negativity can play an important role in a relationship, such as calling out and eradicating interaction patterns that don’t work. But the key is balance. If constant negativity is keeping you and your partner from recovering from past fights, this is a recipe for disaster.

5. You can’t forgive and forget

If you find yourself still resenting your significant other for something that happened five years ago, then chances are you two won’t be together for another five. If you’re unable to let go of past problems then you could get stuck in bad memories.

10 Kinds Of Guys That Find It Difficult To Approach/Woo Ladies


It’s hard-wired into our psyche that only well to do guys are highly attractive and therefore, have the courage and what it takes to actually approach/woo a lady but the truth of the matter is that if you are wooing a lady with genuine intention, even the most articulate and confident guy can be rendered into anxiety and panic for possible outcome rejection and embarrassment.

The ones who really have no romantic commitment and are only in for s*xual intentions are never nervous wooing a lady even though they might not admit it. They subconsciously act like badoo and see any interaction as a route to s*x with that lady.

However, when guys decide whether to approach a lady, they normally calculate their chances of rejection correctly/incorrectly, thus overestimating their chances of rejection especially when a beautiful and sophisticated woman is involved

Enough of my lamentation; now I shall discuss the kinds of guys that find it difficult to approach/woo a lady

1. Virg*n Guys

Some of us are not very confident and are usually very timid when it comes to expressing our love for a lady we deeply love. Though some of us may form badoo on social media but other there, when locked up inside the room with a lady, all we discuss is Olajumoke, the bread seller, and Saraki, who declared fake assests.. Often times, when I see a lady I deeply love, the thought of approaching her troubles me that I will have to hide somewhere and will beg my friends to woo her on my behalf.

2. Scholars

Believe it or not, most scholars tend to have boring social life. This is because they focus on their books more than anything else. Though ladies flirt with them for academic prevalence. After graduation, some of them may not even be able to approach a lady. Na their mumsy dey woo on their behalf. The worst scenario is that some of them will bag first class and may not be able to locate where the kitty cat is, at the age of 35 .

3. Short Guys

Don’t get this twisted cos it’s not a maximum generalization that all short guys are unable to approach/woo a lady. All I’m trying to say is that, research have it that short guys are usually very confident when approaching a lady, just that they are likely to find it difficult to approach a lady who is much more taller than they are. Let’s assume a guy is 5ft 10inch, approaching a lady of 6ft 2in won’t be easy.

4. Introverts

Introverts are as shy as virg*n guys and are usually timid and nervous when it comes to approaching/wooing a lady. Even when some of them come across a lady they have serious crush on, for them to open their mouth in sealing the deal is a thug war of contest. Some of them cannot even decode greenlight or utilize opportunities. Some of them are usually in a boring relationship

5. Stingy Guys

The notion that Nigerian ladies are usually at the receiving end often makes me refrain myself from wooing ladies. Stingy guys are not very good in showing love because we know that no lady in her right sense of reasoning picks handsomeness over wealth. As a result of this, they employ lie to gain the love of a lady. Often times, if I have the intention of wooing a lady and she asks me for recharge card, I go just pick my slippers begin grab race.

6. Pastors (SU)

Though, I take exception to some pastors who are veteran wooers and can woo anything woo-able. Some of them no dey gawk themselves that they can even snatch the girlfriend/fiance of a brother in the church. When they spot a member they have interest in, they will go straight her telling her how God revealed to them she will be their wives. On the contrary, most of the pastors in Deeper life, MFM, Jehova witness are likely to be poor at approaching/ wooing ladies.

7. Grammatically Deficient Guys

Someone like me who can’t construct proper English often cram and rehearse what to say before approaching a lady. Take for example, let’s assume a chronic Ekiti guy like me wants to woo a Lagos babe, it’s usually a thug war of contest because I will be very mindful of my grammar; I will try to fake confidence and will eventually mess up at the end of the day. Our inability to speak fluently in English often makes say ru.bbish when approaching/wooing a lady

8. Mummy’s Boy

They won’t say a thing while chyking a girl without mentioning their mum’s name. Everything is all about their mother promised to take them to Dubai provided they score 160 in JAMB. Such ideology will make a lady have negative impression that her boyfriend is nothing but an immature boy.

9. Low Self Esteemed Guys

Guys with low self esteem don’t have what it takes to show their worth to a lady, therefore, they see money as the only tool or escape route to get the lady they desire. These kinds of guys are likely to find it difficult to approach/woo a lady cos their philosophy is that, money is all they need before they can ask a lady for a relationship

10. Add Yours

By: Tosyne2much

Where Are The Ladies? Checkout The Characteristics Of Nigerian Male Gold Diggers


Most Ladies out of frustration condone guys who are out to milk them dry. They think it is love, or that the guy is disadvantages.

Some guys can play it smart and cool at first till they find out you are emotionally insecure and can pay the bills..

1. A Nigerian male Gold digger never pays for anything but always expect his girlfriend to pay.

2. He is always in debt and wants his girlfriend to bail him out.

3. He gets angry when his girlfriend refuses to give him money.Some even went to the extent of killing her.

4. Nigerian Male Gold diggers use your marriage and your love for him, as a bargaining tool..

5. Always comes up with fake big business ideas that end up failing.

6. He always wants to control your finances and know your ATM Pin.

7 .Nigerian male Gold diggers always beg for money from his girlfriend to entertain his guys.

8. Nigerian male Gold digger is always concern about your financial status.

9. They always drive Luxury cars when they can’t even afford paying their House rents.

10. Most of them dates and most time married Women twice their ages in the hopes that such Woman dies few months after the Marriage.Chaii! This is very common.

Feel free to add yours.